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Think beyond your price! Learn how maximum earning potential is achieved through multiple streams of income, not just your price. 

✅The Million Dollar Mindset

Wealth is a mindset we develop, long before financial freedom can be achieved. Avoid the common mistakes that hold so many back!

✅The 4 Step Money Mastery Framework

​​​​Millionaires don't budget and save; they allocate & invest. Learn the simple strategies I use that are generating as much as $1M per month.

✅How To Build Wealth & Passive Income

A 6 Figure Passive Income is possible! I've done it. Learn what the path to building wealth & achieving financial freedom looks like for creatives.

✅How To Spend Money Guilt Free

You really can take that vacation, get that car or buy that thing. And you can do it GUILT free! I am going to show you how.

✅Eradicate Fears & Doubts Around Money & Investing

​​​​​​​Investing requires education. Sadly, it's the education so many of us beauty pro's never get. That ends here. 

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